Stephen Lewis Foundation Statement of Commitment

Ilana Landsberg-Lewis, Executive Director

Friends, Judges, Grandmothers…

We have heard your voices, and I know all of us feel the searing sting of injustice, the agony of loss, and the profound determination, strength and love that you have brought to meet the ravages of AIDS in your families and communities.

The tenacity and intelligence of your responses to the scourge of AIDS are breathtaking, and I could not be prouder in this moment to stand here with you as a witness and a passionate ally in the struggle.

We know that you speak for millions of grandmothers and the organizations supporting them. We understand that this is not an exercise in charity or benevolence. The threshold of tolerance for injustice must be shattered today, and the resources and support you require to effect change in the face of AIDS—whether it is pensions, access to healthcare, or to be consulted and counted in the responses to the pandemic—must be acted upon.

We will take up your call to action and the recommendations of the judges, and we will not rest until the world comes to its senses and the support that should and must come is yours.

You have given us a clear agenda for support— whether it’s a global fund for cash transfers, the need for national level advocacy, the continuing urgency for land rights and housing, access to healthcare, universal and accessible education, food security, and laws protecting grandmothers from violence and the means to enforce them.

Today we commit to you anew.

All of us at the Stephen Lewis Foundation—and I know the Canadian Grandmothers are with us—will not rest until you have the justice you demand.

We commit to redoubling our efforts and to bend every fibre of our collective beings to break the inertia, the silence, and the dam of neglect and negligence that prevents the flood of resources from flowing.

We will be accountable to you, and heed you, as must now the world.